Monday, June 20, 2011

Graduation Dresses for 8th Grade

Rose was in 8th standard and the academic year was coming to an end. She was eagerly awaiting her 8th grade graduation party and was totally freaked out about it. Her excitement knew no bounds as she went along with her mother, who was almost like a friend to her. Soon enough she bought herself a beautiful graduation dress. Now, just like Rose, graduating from a grade to another happens in due course of time, unless you score poorly in the exams and ensure that you do not pass and move on to the next class. This is fine, but as you advance to higher classes it becomes crucial as each stage is a building block in your academic career. One such is graduating from 8th grade to a higher class. Graduation from 8th grade is a huge deal for the respective middle school students and in most schools it entails a graduation ceremony and party. Dressing up, obviously is an inevitable part of a graduation party. Consequently, if you have doubts about graduation dresses for 8th grade, below are the answers for your doubts. Graduation Dresses For 8th Graders Buying a Graduation Dress Choosing the Dress: We start off with picking the perfect graduation dress. Now that is going to be 'kinda' tricky, boys and girls! This is because you want the dress to portray that you are transforming into an adult, but you are still to become one. Consequently, you do not want not want to overdo the i-am-an-adult feeling with regards to the dress. Especially for girls, it is a tight rope walk because their mothers would like them to show that she is a 'little woman'. At the same time they would not want to go overboard with that. For boys, they start growing taller suddenly during this stage and they can feel somewhat awkward in formals or semi-formals. Hence this factor has to be taken into account while choosing a dress for a graduation party. How you dress here, can go a long way in deciding what kind of clothes, the girl or the boy is going to wear. Factors Determining the Correct Dress: Another factor that plays a part in choosing graduation dresses for grade 8, is the body type and size of the children. Some children grow faster and some remain gawky for a few years. While you shop for the perfect graduation dresses for your kids, be realistic as regards your son or daughter's body type and growth. After taking that into consideration, buy the dress. So, mums of children in grade 8, do not rush into buying your son or daughter a graduation dress. Another factor which adds to the dilemma and skepticism as to what to buy is the price. With prices of things sky rocketing, and economic recession that has lead to a cut down in salaries, a thrift store, consignment shops or shopping online is the best bet for the graduation dresses for 8th grade. Eventually, while choosing the dress make sure that your son or daughter loves it! If you do not get one in the first go, try again, do not be discouraged. Otherwise all the hassle would be futile, right? However, there are a few tips, mostly for girls (can't help it - it is the fairer sex after all!) to remember on the d-day and a few weeks before that.
Things to Remember For the D-Day

First of all, get your dress fitting perfect, if at all it is required.
Buy the accessories and keep them ready, weeks before the all important day.
Pamper yourself and get your hair, nails and make up done. So book the requisite appointments well in time.
On the graduation day, get your make up and nails done at different times, because you don't want a hair polish, right?
Last but not the least, keep a camera at hand to capture the graduation party and the whole event!

I guess now choosing graduation dresses for 8th grade would not be a nightmare for you. All you need to do is a bit of planning, and proper organization of your things. Then you are all set to have a gala time on the D-day! Have a blast!

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